Insurance Companies in Netherlands

aegon insurance companiesAegon – Major Dutch Insurance Company

Aegon is one of the biggest insurance companies in Netherlands and Europe which offers following products:

  • Life, Disability, Illness, Heath Care insurance products;
  • Property, Home, Travel, Car insurances;
  • Financial services, Retirement Solutions, Savings, Investments;

ing dutch insurance componiesING – Multinational Dutch Insurer

ING is one of the World major financial and insurance companies which operates in many countries and offers financial products as:

  • Group and individual Life insurances, Property insurances;
  • Savings, Investments, Loans, Mortgages and other insurance products;
  • Business financial services, Financial consultancy, Legal advice;

achmea insurance companies in NetherlandsAchmea – Financial Holding Group

Achmea is a financial holding with 8 subsidiaries which offers various financial products as:

  • Individual insurances – Life, Property, Car, Travel, etc;
  • Business insurances, Group insurances, Risk Management;
  • Financial services, Consultancy, Investments, Savings;

brit insurance casualty and propertyBrit Insurance

Brit Insurance is one of the major insurance companies in Netherlands which offers wide range of financial products:

  • Reinsurance and business financial solutions;
  • Property, Agriculture, Travel insurances;
  • Liabilities, Financial services. Legal advice;

sns reaal financial and isurance institutionSNS Reaal – Financial Institution in Netherlands

SNS Reaal is a financial institution which provide wide range of financial and insurance services as:

  • Banking and financial solutions for enterprises;
  • Life and Health insurances, Savings, Investments;
  • Asset managements, Securities, Pensions insurances;

delta lloyd Group insurance companyDelta Lloyd Group

Delta Lloyd Group is a financial holding in the Netherlands and offers various financial and insurance services as:

  • Life, Health, Disability insurances;
  • Financial and Banking services;
  • Business insurances and financial products, Legal advice;